Trace v0.5.1

  • Changelog

    • Limited support for Mesh Gradients. While tracing continuous tone images like portait photos, it's hard to match the underlying color just with linear or radial gradients. For cases like this Mesh gradients are useful. They allow you to set colors at arbitraty positions of the shape and then create continuous gradient between those colors. Here's an example. You can choose the 'Mesh Gradient' type from the dropdown and Zector Trace will compute best matching mesh gradient for you.
      You can modify the automatically generated mesh gradient, by refining it further. You can add more stops to define specific colors. You can also move the existing stops. The process of adding stops is interactive and very intuitive.
      (The support is limited only for 4 sided shapes right now. This will be fixed in future releases)

    • Ability to change the smoothness of freehand curves.


    • Handles to modify ellipse


    • Added keyboard shortcuts for many actions that allow quick editing of curves
    • Fixed bugs in linear and radial gradient manipulation to allow for more consistent interface.
    • Fixes to bugs in some undo-redo operations
    • Fixes to erroneous snapping behavior
    • Fixed an issue with collapsing tangent handles that were linked

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